Good Governance: the key to success

Foundations, associations, and other non-profit organisations channel private and public funds, social engagement and energy. They perform a growing, at times hybrid, and ever evolving role in our present day society.

The governance of these organisations unites people who, in principle, share a common goal, yet at the same time they often have very diverse backgrounds and motives. Effective governance of such an organisation is seldom a natural process. Even more so, as with these organisations it is the quality of governance that determines their success.

For this reason, it is important to acquire sufficient insight of the important drivers of quality governance, such as the organisational structure and design, but also into the factors that determine her performance, such as the adopted work systems and internal dynamics.. All on Board can be of assistance in this! We are proud to offer boards of directors, governing and supervisory bodies of foundations and associations the All on Board Check-up: a quick and smart way to determine where you stand and if you are prepared for the future.

You can find further information about All on Board and the All on Board Check-up by downloading our brochure


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